Important News!! We have VIDA, Volvo Information and Diagnostics for Aftersales. This the official Volvo Dealer software which enables us to carry out functions to your vehicle the same as a Volvo Dealer, whether that is diagnostics, programming, software updates or parts look up. This is in addition to the Autodiagnos diagnostic system (which Volvo use) that we have had for some years for the pre-’99 vehicles.


Booking your Service, Repair or MOT.
If you wish to book a service, MOT or repair then you can either call:01293 863535 or email, and we will get back to you.

Some General Info

At Charlwood we are committed to giving value for money service using either Genuine Volvo parts or a high quality part made by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). A significant amount of our parts fitted come from the Nordic Car Company, a dedicated Volvo parts supplier of both Genuine and OEM parts. The combination of Nordic and our local Volvo Dealer means we have access to an enviable widespread parts supply chain. Furthermore, we can supplement this with a more specialised parts source from Sweden in 24 hours if need be. It is through this parts sourcing that we can make significant savings in the servicing and maintenance of your Volvo whilst maintaining optimum performance and operation and giving you value for money.

There is no substitute for regular servicing. We service your Volvo to the Volvo Service schedules. We will not do more than is necessary so if your annual mileage is low then the servicing is adjusted to suit. We will also advise you on the condition of your Volvo and if extra work is required we will advise you of the cost involved and the urgency. We also have the ability to carry out diagnostic checks to the wide variety of computer-controlled systems on your vehicle.


Radio Repairs

Should you have a problem with your Volvo branded radio then we can effect fast repairs, recoding etc. through a Volvo approved repairer.


Oil Crisis!

We often find a number of vehicles with very little oil in the sump when we carry out the service. We take out the drain plug and it is all over in seconds! Engine oil is the lifeblood of the engine. Without it, or, with infrequent oil changes, it will result in expensive failures. We use high quality Castrol oil to ensure the best in lubrication, in turbocharged engines we use Castrol Magnatec or RS to ensure optimum protection for the turbocharger in the higher operating temperatures that are achieved. In addition to this we use the highly acclaimed Grease Lightning products. A variety of oil, fuel and cooling system additives that give quite amazing results. The oil additives give even better lubrication promoting quieter running and improved fuel consumption. The fuel additives clean the system and improve the function of the injectors in diesels, giving better starting and general running.


Tyres-they thrive on pressure!

We find a significant number of vehicles with very low pressures during servicing which results in poor directional response and handling. It also wastes your money in excessive tyre wear and higher fuel consumption when it needn’t be the case. A regular check of pressures is essential.
For your information the legal minimum tyre depth is 1.6mm over the centre three quarters of the width of the tread.


Number Plates, New Regulations

New laws regarding number plate supply that will affect you.
Should we need to replace the number plates on your vehicle due to cracks, breakage or if they are becoming obscured, we must have by law the 11 digit Document Number in section D of the V5 and your driving licence number. We will also need proof of ID such as passport, photo driving licence and utility bill etc. if we have not seen you before. As a ‘Licensed Number Plate Supplier’ the law now requires us to have these details before we can supply and/or fit new number plates. You can visit the DVLA website to read all about the above at and also see the form that we are required to fill out at . Yes we are aware that it will cause certain difficulties but we will have to abide by these new regulations, we can be fined several times more than for a mugging!!


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